Herbalife Ireland – A New Member Site Ready to Make its Mark

A brand new HERBALIFE Member site has just opened it’s doors to the public in Ireland.

If you are looking to buy Herbalife products and kick start your weight loss plan to be fit and ready in time for the summer, look no further than HerbaIreland.com! They have excellent prices, excellent packages, and most importantly – amazing customer service that is always there to help you, no matter what the question.

Herbalife H24

For those who are perhaps unaware, Herbalife is an American company that specializes in weight loss products and supplements for both regular and sports people. They have a great new line of products for athletes (and those who are quite active in sports) called H24, that is sponsored by the amazing Cristiano Ronaldo. However, I suspect that regular users will be more interested by their standard offers of meal replacement shakes, vitamins and other great daily additions to a regular lifestyle.

How does Herbalife work? That is a great question, and one with a very simple answer according the the members that I have talked to. You just replace two meals per day with the Herbalife shake, take the vitamins and fiber tablets before every meal and drink the weight loss tea throughout the day. Could not be simpler!

The secret to Herbalife’s success among its users is precisely this simplicity of use. A person who wants to get on a fast-track weight loss and diet programme no longer has to worry about buying the proper food, cooking and planning his or her meals for days in advance – you always know what you are going to eat, and it is always at hand. In a stroke, this provides the user with a healthy, low calorie meal and removes the need to reach for unhealthy (and often fattening) fast food alternatives.

For people who are active in sports and like to hit the gym often (or take part in any other kind of intense physical activity), there is a great new line of supplements made to complement and enhance their activities. Released recently to much fanfare, the Herbalife H24 range is endorsed by some of the world’s most famous athletes, the most famous of which is definitely the football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The H24 range features a new shake meal that is optimized with milk protein (rather than just soy protein like the regular shake), as well as post workout supplements such as the Rebuild Strength and Rebuild Endurace. In my opinion though, the most interesting product is the H24 Prolong. Made to be sippedĀ during a workout, it contains a balance of electrolytes and carbohydrates, and is fantastic at giving you more energy and allowing you to do more – and for longer – during your workout.

Overall, Herbalife has really stepped up its game in recent years by trying to rebrand itself as more than just a weight loss company. The packaging of the new products is sleek, modern and sophisticated and brings across the message of cutting edge nutrition that the company is trying to put through. Read more here.